Gavin Short

Despite some shortcomings we live in the best little country in the world but it didn’t get that way by itself nor will it remain thus unless we practice prudent fiscal management and look after our infrastructure and core population.
We have some very big ticket items on the way such as the new port but it has to be affordable and allow enough freeboard for other capital items that are required such as power, roads and water.
Housing is an issue, rents generally high. I support the making of plots available for people to build but even they are getting beyond the reach of some people. It seems as if the food bank is being used quite a lot, some people not able to afford rent, fuel etc. Something is going wrong in our society. It is incumbent on Government to identify and take action.
FIG seems to be bringing people at an alarming rate. I would like to see a review done
We need a thriving business sector - but one that adequately rewards those who helps those profits be generated.
CBD oil is now freely available in many countries. We should allow people to bring it in without fear of prosecution.
The workers protection ordinance is not fit for purpose. We tell the world that we are a modern country 40 years after the war but that piece of legislation is horrendously outdated and must be updated.
OAPs deserve a dignified retirement and were treated extremely shabbily in the last budget. I would push for a review in this financial year.
The environment is a hot topic. We must move forward but it must tie in with our way of life, be practical and affordable. Level with people about how much it may be going to cost them
Should we have our own version of the UKs Armed Forces Covenant? If elected I would like to explore and one hopes, see implemented something similar for past and serving members of the FIDF
Telecoms must improve. There are technologies coming that will challenge the present setup.
We have to start opening up. It must be done sensibly but done soon
Immigration: seems to be calls to further relax the requirements. I will take a lot of persuading.
Education/medical must be protected
Stanley is not the Falklands so I say to the people of the camp – I have your back.
Whilst I welcome cooperation in areas of mutual interest with those over on the coast (e.g. conservation of fish stocks) but if you are looking for someone who wants to cosy up with a country that is actively trying to steal ours – then I suggest you vote for someone else. I will not be heading down that particular path. Been there, seen and been part of the result and never again.
I cannot cover everything in 500 words. There is more in my full manifesto which online and I am happy to e mail.

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