Leona Roberts

Our strong economic position must be protected, but we must also continue investing in infrastructure, services, social programmes and seeking to create opportunity. Our community’s wellbeing deserves equal consideration in decision-making - a balance is needed to maintain reserves and encourage private sector growth while providing a high standard of living for all our people.
•My concerns about the increasing cost of living and potential for lower-earners to fall behind are known. Welfare support is an essential safety net, not an alternative to good wages and pensions.
•Provision of building plots was accelerated but more is required to allow access to reasonably priced housing/plots. Continue working to encourage private development, proportionate tenant/landlord protections and aims agreed in the Housing Strategy.
•Improvements to education, health and other key services including power and water must continue.
•Work begun on addressing employment rights needs to be progressed.
•Workforce development work needs completion. We must ensure opportunities and mentoring embedded.
•Covid-19 will continue to have impacts and gradual re-opening requires careful handling.
•Promoting our right to self-determination and resisting Argentina’s colonialist aspirations is an unchanging, fundamental principle.
•A healthy, sustainable natural environment is essential to our wellbeing and our economic security – it must be a top priority. The Environment Strategy outlines the many actions needed but to succeed this requires significant funding.
•We must work closely with our business partners and our people to meet our responsibilities to future generations.
•A decision must be made on large scale aquaculture once work is complete. I personally have very grave reservations about the potential environmental risks posed.
•Continue to progress our ambitious capital programme, working to redress underinvestment in infrastructure.
•The port is an investment in our future and a vital economic enabler, but rising costs are concerning and this project will require close scrutiny as it progresses.
•Continue close working to maintain successful, sustainable fishing, farming, tourism and commercial sectors able to drive our economy.
•International and local connectivity is essential to an island nation. Restarting Latam flights will be challenging and we still face issues with the airbridge. FIGAS, roads and ferry all need continuing investment.
•Fast, reliable communications will only increase in importance. We must fully understand all our options to achieve services which allow innovation while maintaining the basics.
There is much more to cover, but I would close with saying that the last four years have taught me a great deal and I believe, with that knowledge and experience, I am better equipped to serve our country with the dedication and passion that the role requires.
I believe wholeheartedly in a confident, ambitious Falklands, with fairness, equality and opportunity at its heart. If elected, I will continue to work with integrity and empathy, and to be approachable and open. I am completely committed to always doing my best for our community and to making the Falklands a successful, sustainable, inclusive and happy home for us all. A Falklands of which our children, and theirs, can be proud.

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