Teslyn Barkman

If elected, these are my priorities...

We must adapt to and counter the effects of climate change to ensure the land and sea are there for the future.
If elected, I shall:
Advocate for restoration support and advice for carbon ‘credits’;
Push for revised renewable energy opportunities, and renewables in FIG builds;
Highlight for work in water security;
Encourage biosecurity efforts;
Champion high standards of fisheries management and regulation;
Set the highest environmental standards for current and future small-scale aquaculture;
Commit that it is for the people to decide whether large-scale aquaculture is appropriate, and whether salmon aquaculture in small-scale or large-scale is right for our country. Decisions have to be solid and not leave us open to legal challenge I don't support invasives being introduced to our habitats.

Camp Education
Delivery of education to remote areas passes extra burden to parents and their businesses.
For families and businesses to prosper there needs to be a clear set of standards, support and expectations. I shall continue to push for solid outcomes and policy.

Capital Works
There needs to be a public affordability check on the capital programme reflecting on the Port project and the project creep for all FIG builds. There are needs in schools, sewers, roads, radio, and hospital and the public should be told where their money is planned to be spent and the cost efficiency.
A common-sense approach is needed that recognises local knowledge and reduces over-specifications. Strong local content will also keep money moving around the economy.

I would like to learn more about the options for future internet connectivity. Innovation should be inspired under the current contract as well as looking ahead to options for when the exclusivity licence expires.
I am a supporter of chartering in a second inter-islands vessel for the busiest times to evidence possible growth and stability for the Camp economy.

Connectivity, resilience and communication will be key to support the new FIMCo model.
After years of conflicting messages, beef suppliers need clear direction and support.
I'd like to see FIMCo Board meetings have public sessions to encourage ideas and show how decisions are reached.

We need for a cultural strategy. The Falklands has benefited from immigration and prosperity but FIG has a role in linking our society better. Falklands heritage and culture should be taught in schools. Holding up our culture will help everyone understand it and become a more present part of it.
National policy should also have rural communities and challenges in mind from the start.

International Relations
We are a gateway for Antarctic research, and the MoD's presence is necessary and mutually beneficially, this must be communicated to maintain a place in the UK family that the UK people understand.

Social Programme
The Covid-19 recovery work highlighted housing, employment rights and hardship issues that need addressing.
Pensioners should have access to a living wage income and those not receiving it should be identified and their pensions expanded.
Covid-19 reminded us we need resilience in all sectors. We should encourage agricultural careers and businesses like a dairy once again.

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