Summary Court | Mr B Huaripaucar

Mr Brandor Huaripaucar had been part of a fishing crew and had decided to leave the vessel in order to get home to his family in Peru. He appeared in the Summary Court on Monday 12th April 2021 and pleaded guilty to three counts of theft.

Crown Counsel, Mr Stuart Walker told the court how the Police had received a report of a burglary at a ground floor flat where jewelry and money had been stolen. The money was in Filipino pesos and the police investigation found that a Peruvian fisherman had attempted to get the money exchanged at a local shop. Once the police had located Mr Huaripaucar, they also discovered a stolen dashcam and a stolen mobile telephone in his room at Lookout Lodge.

Mr Mark Neves, defending, said that his client had been trying desperately to get home and thought that if he raised the money, he would be able to take a taxi to the airport and catch a flight to Peru. All the stolen property had been returned to the owners, except for a ring which was missing. Mr Neves said that his client had apologised to all the people involved and was very distressed. Justices of the Peace said that they were aware that any sentence they imposed must reflect the impact on both the community and the individual victims. “The Falkland Islands is a trusting community,” they said, ” and Burglary is rare.”

Mr Huaripaucar received an 8 week suspended sentence, and Justices of the Peace remarked that were it not for the duty of care to seafarers at this difficult time, the sentence would not have been suspended.

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