Effects of oil development on Islands resources discussed by Director of Public Works Department

Oil Company Navitas Petroleum Limited have held public presentations this week in Stanley on the Sea Lion Oil Development Project Phase 1 and 2. Members of the private and public sector were invited to pose questions to the oil representatives.

Questions addressed areas of concern such as emissions, what would happen in the event of an oil spill and how any hazardous waste produced by the project will be managed. This comes after a 42 day public consultation on the project’s environmental impact statement was approved by Executive Council last week. The consultation looks to see whether oil development in the Falklands could be a viable option for growing the Islands economy.

One of the key areas explored within the environmental impact statement is the competition for resources and whether the Sea Lion Project could put pressure on essential services in the Islands. We spoke to Director of PWD Colin Summers on how Stanley’s infrastructure could be effected if the project is approved.

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