Electric Dirt Bikes Arrive in the Falklands

The Falklands may have its fair share of petrol and diesel fuelled 4x4s and motorbikes, but there might soon be an alternative – at least for farm work. Electric dirt bikes have arrived in the Falklands, thanks to the electric vehicle company E-Link and are currently being trialled on farms to see how they compare to traditional petrol bikes.

The 2×2 electric dirt bikes are made by the company UBCO, and were made and designed in New Zealand. E-Link, a Falklands-based company, think it could be an alternative to the petrol bikes traditionally used by the farming community.

One of the advantages that electric bikes have is the lack of a need to transport vast quantities of fuel to remote locations. As most farming settlements have some form of renewable electricity on site, the bikes’ batteries could be charged at the farms themselves.

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