"Evening of Reflection" to Remember Those in Stanley in 1982

On Thursday night, an evening of reflection was hosted at the town hall for members of the community and their families who were in Stanley in 1982. The event, held every five years, gives individuals the opportunity to get together and commemorate the 40 years since the conflict.

While there might have been 633 civilians present in Stanley during the Falklands war in 1982, only 156 of those residents are still alive today. The capital of the islands was occupied by the invading Argentine forces and liberated on the 14th June.

Co-organiser of the evening, Rosie King, said: “We don’t need to introduce what we’re here for – everybody has the same story.

“We’ve had a full house – and we cannot do better than that. [But] we’re always sad that we have to tick off the list all those that have passed away.”

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