Falkland Islands Commonwealth Games Competitors Receive Their Official Kit

Falkland Islands Competitors will take part in badminton, table tennis, long-mat bowls and cycling

Competitors taking part in the Commonwealth Games on behalf of the Falklands received their official kit for the games on Monday night during a reception at Government House. A total of 16 competitors will be going to the games, competing in badminton, table tennis, long-mat bowls and cycling.

At the reception, former athletes from the Falklands were also present. Gerald Cheek, who was one of the first athletes to compete in the games from the Falklands in 1982, said: “It was quite incredible to be chosen… out of twenty in our club. It was four months after the Falklands war – September 1982. We had lots of reporters wanting to know about the war. But the competition went well and it was very interesting.

“There was two of us that year and now there’s sixteen. It’s quite incredible how it’s built up. It’s really great that the Falklands are represented the way they are.”

Duane March, who is set to compete in Badminton in this year’s games for the Falklands, said, “It’s like a dream come true, really. I get to represent the Falklands and it’s a real honour. We train hard for the Island Games, so now after four years it’s such an honour to be playing [in the Commonwealth].”

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