Falklands Commemorates "Landing Day" at San Carlos

Members of the community gathered at San Carlos cemetery on the 21st May for a short service of commemoration to remember those who lost their lives and to mark the day, 40 years ago, when British forces landed in the bay. In attendance were Falkland Islanders, veterans of the 1982 war and members of the British Forces of the South Atlantic Islands (BFSAI).

Wreaths were laid at the event by the Governor of the Falkland Islands, Falklands Legislative Assembly member and Commander British Forces South Atlantic Islands.

On 21st May 1982, British troops made their advance onto East Falkland, having landed at San Carlos water, and disembarking onto land via landing craft and amphibious flotillas. Low flying Argentine fighter jets made repeated attacks on the ships in San Carlos Water, which came to be known as “Bomb Alley”. Despite sustaining heavy losses, including 8 ships, 2 frigates and a destroyer, the British were able to establish a beachhead and dispatch troops onto land.

From San Carlos, the British forces made their advance towards Goose Green, liberating the settlement, before continuing to advance to Stanley and ultimately reclaiming the islands.

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