Falklands Conservation Make Ecobricks to Reduce Plastic Waste

An Ecobrick.

Falklands Conservation and its watch group have begun to make “ecobricks”, an environmentally-friendly brick made out of plastic waste. And in an effort to curb the amount of plastic wastage, Falklands Conservation is looking to get the public on board too.

Ecobricks are plastic bottles filled with soft plastics. As plastic is not recyclable in the falklands, this stops it from being thrown in landfill allows for it to be reused, with the potential for these bricks to be made into a number of different products and items.

The Conservation Watch group are hoping to make items such as stools, tables and planters for native plants once enough ecobricks have been created. Anyone looking to make an ecobrick can consult the ecobricks website. The Ecobrick can then be dropped off at the Falklands Conservation offices at Jubilee Villas.

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