Falklands Joins the Big Plastic Count

Next week (16th-22nd May), Falklands residents should consider taking part in Falkland Conservation’s Big Plastic Count. Inspired by GreenPeace’s plastic count in the UK, Falklands Conservation are launching an island-wide survey with the aim of recording all plastic used by Falklands residents in just one week.

GreenPeace, in partnership with Everyday Plastic, decided to begin the UK’s Big Plastic Count, which also takes place next week, in order to push the government to take more action to combat plastic waste. Conservation took this idea, seeing it as an opportunity to discover how much plastic waste the population create. Plastic waste is perhaps an even more important issue in the Falklands than the UK, as it is not able to be recycled in the islands. This means the majority of plastic ends up in landfill.

To take part, all that residents have to do is log all the plastic that they throw away in one week into a form, and then send the form (via email, or to the offices on Ross Road) at the end of the week, so that Conservation can assess the results.

For more information, including the plastic count form, visit the Falklands Conservation website.

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