Falklands Pensions Set to Rise Due to Inflation

Concerns about pensions were raised during a public meeting held at the Chamber of Commerce on Monday 6th June. In last week’s budget announcement, the Falkland Islands financial secretary announced that weekly pension payments are set to increase from £163 to £167.55, a 2.8% increase in line with inflation. Despite the increase, some recipients worry that the payments will not be enough to cover their expenses.

In response to these concerns, MLA John Birmingham said: “I would personally like to see a major increase in pensions, but it’s all got to be paid for. This assembly are aware that some people are possibly going to struggle in the future, and there will be assistance where assistance is actually required.

“We’ve got to do it properly – this is taxpayer’s money, and it’s got to be done in a correct and professional manner.”

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