Falklands Welcome First-ever Dog Agility Event

The islands’s first-ever dog agility event took place last Saturday. The event, which saw dog owners from across Stanley come together was intended to increase community spirit after the pandemic as well as providing an opportunity for the dogs “to socialise and learn new skills”, said event organiser Alex Olmedo.

“I’m feeling really happy and very excited to see so many dogs together. It’s a community environment but it’s also a dog environment and hopefully will be able to do this on a more regular basis” Olmedo said.

Dog ownership is relatively new in the Falkland Islands and community dog events such as this are a way for dogs to familiarise themselves with other animals as well as providing a chance for owners to share dog owner tips and tricks.

The event, while the first of its kind in Stanley was a celebrated success and now sees Falklanders poised for a second event next year.

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