Fitzroy Service Remembers Largest Loss of Life in Falklands War, 40 years On

On Wednesday the 8th June 1982, RFA Sir Galahad and RFA Sir Tristram were bombed in the waters around the Falkland Islands. 40 years on, and the Acts of Remembrance were held at the Fitzroy memorials to commemorate those who lost their lives. Wreaths were laid at the various different memorials at the settlement by the Falkland Islands Governor His Excellency Nigel Phillips, MLA Leona Roberts and members of the British Forces of the South Atlantic Islands (BFSAI).

In 1982, the RFA Sir Galahad was preparing to transport troops onto Port Pleasant, near Fitzroy settlement. The ship, along with Sir Tristram, was spotted by Argentine fighter jets and subsequently hit by bombs, ultimately setting it ablaze and costing the lives of 32 Welsh Guards, eleven other soldiers and five civilian crew. Sir Tristram was also hit, with two of its Hong Kong Chinese crewman dying as a result.

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