MLA Barkman urges review on Falklands Voting Eligibility

MLA Barkman has urged the constitutional review select committee to look at the issue of Falklands born dual citizens losing the right to vote.

MLA Barkman shared a letter she received from the registry service notifying her of disqualification from the register of electors for ‘having registered New Zealand citizenship and having obtained a New Zealand passport.’

MLA Barkman, who is currently overseas representing the Falkland Islands, will retain her seat as an MLA until the Supreme Court have ruled on the issue.

In responding to this, MLA Pollard told MLA Barkman he believes this subject should be ‘one of the highest issues on the MLA agenda’ but added that he has failed to get majority support to discuss what the public want the constitution to say before the court hearing of the case takes place.

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