Summary Court | Mr D Hills

In the Summary Court on Friday 9th April 2021, Mr David Hills appeared facing one charge of assault by beating. The incident occurred outside the Globe Tavern on Saturday 20th of February and had been captured on a police constable’s body camera.

The footage showed Mr Hills approach the victim and then headbutt him. Crown Counsel, Mr Stuart Walker told the court that the victim, although not willing to make a formal complaint, had sustained minor injuries.

In defence, Ms Alison Inglis said that it had been a complete over-reaction and that her client was sorry for it. It had been one blow, after provocation, and had not been pre-planned.

Mr Hills was fined a total of £467 including court costs. Justices of the Peace remarked that they had noted his previous convictions and hoped it was the last time that Mr Hills would appear before the court.

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