Summary Court | Jubulani Matasa

Jabulani Matasa appeared in front of the Justices of the Peace on Wednesday charged with one offence of possessing false documents. He pleaded guilty to this charge.

Crown Counsel Mr Stuart Walker explained that on the 2nd December 2019 Mr Matasa was issued with a Falkland Islands driving licence for which he had exchanged his Zimbabwean licence. This year, following a police investigation into false documents, Zimbabwean officials confirmed that Mr Matasa’s documents were false.

Representing himself, Mr Matasa spoke to say that he had a provisional licence but because of issues in his own country he was not given his full licence. He went on to explain that he received the fake licence after arriving in the Falklands and although he asked if it was genuine he “knew it was fake.”

The justices of the peace fined Mr Matasa £425 and ordered him to pay £150 court costs. An application for the forfeiture and destruction of the fake documents was also granted.

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