Summary Court | Miss Bouray

In the Summary Court on Wednesday morning, Miss Bouray pleaded guilty to the possession of false documents. Miss Bouray had passed her driving test in Zimbabwe  last year and after paying $300 for documents, she received a photocard ID driving licence through the post along with a paper verification certificate. Although the details on the photocard had been correct, her signature wasn’t and Miss Boor-ray attempted to contact the authorities to sort it out but was unable to get to the bottom of it. 

Miss Bouray arrived in the Falkland Islands in January this year where she then applied to have her Zimbabwean documents exchanged for Falkland Islands ones. When the licencing bureau here contacted the authorities in Zimbabwe, they were told that the licence was fake and Miss Boor-ray was arrested.

Justices of the Peace fined Miss Bouray a total of £450 including court costs and ordered the destruction of the Zimbabwean licence documents.

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