Summary Court | Mr B Davies and Mrs H Davies

Two people appeared in the Summary Court on Wednesday facing charges of breaching quarantine regulations. Mr Barry Davies and Mrs Hernalen Davies both entered guilty pleas to the offence that happened in August this year.

Crown Counsel Mr Stuart Walker told the court that Mr Davies returned to the Islands from the UK on August 16th and declared that he would quarantine with his wife and children. However there were multiple breaches of quarantine conditions including Mrs Davies going to work at the hospital, and the family babysitting for a friend who did not know they were in quarantine.

In mitigation Mr Mark Neves said that the laws surrounding quarantine had been altered several times and no-one in the local community had warned them that the rules had recently changed. He added that the experience of going to court was punishment enough.

The Justices of the Peace decided that the breach had been reckless rather than deliberate and fined Mrs Davies £346 and ordered her to pay £150 court costs. Mr Davies was fined £907, ordered to pay £200 compensation for the other family forced to quarantine and £150 court costs.

The Justices of the Peace concluded by saying it is the responsibility of all members of the community to keep abreast of regulations.

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