Summary Court | Mr H Oyarzo

Henry Guala Oyarzo appeared in the Summary Court on Wednesday 2nd June 2021 facing one charge of fraud. Crown Counsel Mr Stuart Walker told the court how Mr Oyarzo had, on or before the 4th April, used a quantity of electricity dishonestly and without authority.

Mr Walker said that electricians had discovered a wire bypassing the electric meter meaning that electricity was going into the property and not being monitored. Mr Oyarzo had installed the cable while he was staying in the property as he could not afford the electricity at the time. He had voluntarily gone to the police station and made a full confession. 

When sentencing the Justices of the Peace took into account his early guilty plea and previous good character. Mr Oyarzo was ordered to pay £200 compensation, given a £140 fine and told to pay court costs of £150.

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