Summary Court | Mr I Ford

After an assault outside Deanos last year, Ieuan Ford was sent to prison on Wednesday.

Mr Ford appeared in front of the Justices of the Peace to be sentenced after entering a guilty plea on the 7th December to one charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Prosecuting Mr Andrew Dawson told the court how in October last year there had been an incident outside Deanos bar where Mr Ford had ended up head butting someone, resulting in them falling to the floor and needing hospital treatment.

Mr Ford was told to leave the scene by the doorman but he later phoned the police and told them he was waiting for them to pick him up.

The victim in the case did not wish to pursue an assault case and was also not seeking compensation.

In mitigation Ms Alison Inglis explained how Mr Ford said he was pushed first, however he after the attack he accepted that it was a disproportionate response. Ms Inglis went on to explain how Mr Ford had cooperated with the police throughout the case.

She added that he realised he had overreacted and, as soon as he could after the first court hearing, he went and apologised to the victim.

After retiring to consider their verdict the Justices of the Peace sentenced Mr Ford to 14 days in prison taking into account the seriousness of the head butt. Chair of the Bench Anton Livermore told Mr Ford “a short, sharp shock is needed for you to believe this form of behaviour is not acceptable.” This was a reduced sentence due the remorse shown for the incident.

Mr Ford was also ordered to pay £300 compensation and £150 court costs.

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