Summary Court | Mr J Ortiz

Jose Ortiz appeared in front of the Justices of the Peace facing three counts of theft.

It was alleged that on three occasions in April and May he entered the West Store Food Hall and stole goods including alcohol, clothing and confectionary with a combined value of just over £300.

He pleaded guilty to all three charges.

Crown Counsel Mr Stuart Walker outlined the facts of the case and described how the staff became aware of a customer stealing items and while police were reviewing CCTV Mr Ortiz entered the store again and took goods without paying.

Mr Walker went on to say that once Mr Ortiz had been arrested he admitted in police interview to the offences and said he begun stealing items he couldn’t afford.

In mitigation Mr Damian Sabino told the court how Mr Ortiz was “struggling to survive” after having to move into new accommodation and only having a part time job. He went on to say that Mr Ortiz was a man of good character and a law abiding member of the community.

The justices of the peace gave Mr Ortiz a £340 fine, ordered him to pay full compensation of £318.06 and told him to pay court costs of £150.

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