Summary Court | Mr S Leo

One case was heard in the Summary Court this week. Mr. Seth Leo pleaded guilty to one charge of ‘Driving a vehicle while above the legal limit of alcohol’. 

Crown Counsel Mr. Stuart Walker explained to the court how at approximately 7:30pm on Saturday the 31st of July this year, police officers on their way home from attending duties at Mount Pleasant Complex encountered a crashed Land Rover Discovery on the MPA road. 

Police officers checked on the driver of the car that had crashed into a ditch and noted that they smelt alcohol on the defendant, who had been driving to MPC from Stanley alone. The defendant subsequently failed a roadside breath test and was taken to Stanley Police Station where another two breath tests were failed – the lower reading of the two tests measuring 51 micrograms, with 35 micrograms being the legal limit. 

Representing himself, Mr. Leo pleaded guilty and explained to the court, “I take it on myself, it was my fault.” 

After a short deliberation, the Justices of the Peace disqualified Mr. Leo from driving for 12 months and ordered him to pay a £325 fine and £150 court costs. 

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