Summary Court | Mr W Jennings

The Court heard the case of Mr. Warren Jennings, who pleaded ‘guilty’ to one count of Drunk and Disorderly Behaviour and one count of Assaulting a Police Officer. 

Both offences related to an incident taking place outside the Globe Tavern on the night of the 9th of July. 

The Court was shown police bodycam footage of Mr. Jennings “clearly drunk” and becoming “aggressive” when asked to calm down by police.

After a struggle to the ground whilst being placed under arrest, Mr. Jennings “deliberately spat” in the face of the police officer. 

The Justices of the Peace noted Mr. Jennings’ attitude in court showed he was clearly “ashamed” and was ordered to pay a 700 pound fine, 100 pounds in compensation and 150 pounds court costs. 

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