Summary Court | Mr M Hirtle

The second case to appear in the Summary Court on Wednesday was Mr Michael Hirtle. Mr Hirtle pleaded guilty to intentional harassment and threatening behaviour, and three dwellings burglaries.

On three separate occasions during April and May this year, Mr Hirtle stole money, alcohol and confectionary from his neighbour’s properties.

In May an incident of threatening behaviour occurred where Mr Hirtle verbally abused one of his neighbours.

For the defence, Mr Mark Neves stated “It was a cry for help” and that Mr Hirtle was “stuck in a vicious, awful cycle”. Crown prosecutor Mr Stuart Walker said “there was a level of planning” [to the burglaries]. Mr Hirtle’s alcohol dependency, learning difficulties and work with social services were taken into account during sentencing.

Mr Hirtle received a 12 month high level community order, a 12 month supervision requirement, and did not have to pay any costs or compensation due to his financial circumstances.

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