Viewers Charter


Falkland Islands Television Limited (FITV) is a private company incorporated in the Falkland Islands on 6th September, 2010 and owned by Stanley Services Limited (SSL) and KTV Limited (KTV); both Falkland Islands companies.

FITV has been set up to establish and develop an independent television station in and for the benefit of the Falkland Islands.

FITV intend to operate business independent of SSL and KTV and neither of these companies will have any influence over the content of the programmes broadcast.

This document sets out a viewers charter, providing details of the service viewers can expect and the standards to which FITV expect to operate. FITV are committed to provide high quality and relevant programmes to the Falkland Islands, encompassing a wide range of subjects and issues.

Broadcasting Objectives

FITV will produce and broadcast locally produced programmes which are of interest to the Falkland Islands.

The programmes broadcast by FITV will encompass a wide range of social, cultural and political issues, including (but not limited to) news, sport, music and debates.

Whilst FITV is owned by SSL and KTV, is an independent company. FITV, SSL and KTV will strive to ensure that neither of its owners have any undue influence over the content of the programmes broadcast, or have any influence on editorial decisions.

FITV are committed to broadcasting a wide range of news and current affairs programmes dealing with issues that are important to the Falkland Islands. These programmes will be informative and relevant to the local community.

FITV will strive to keep the local community informed of events from around the world which are relevant and of interest to the Falkland Islands.

Viewers Charter

FITV will strive to ensure that:

  • programmes broadcast will be informative and beneficial to the community and as far as possible, produced in the Falkland Islands
  • levels of decency and good taste are maintained
  • any news broadcast is with due accuracy and due impartiality
  • any mistakes or errors in the reporting of any news shall be acknowledged and correct as quickly as possible
  • during any debate, regardless of the subject matter, equal representation and time will be afforded to each side, with the presenter remaining impartial
  • any programme which could be interpreted as being controversial in nature will be presented with due impartiality and any person commenting on the subject will be clearly identified as expressing a personal opinion
  • where any programme is broadcast in relation to political, or discussing political policies or any form of politics, each viewpoint on the subject shall be adequately represented. The presenter of such programmes will present with due impartiality

How to contact us

FITV are committed to providing the best range and quality of programmes it can for the benefit and enjoyment of the people of the Falkland Islands. We therefore welcome any feedback that viewers may have on any of the programmes we broadcast. Please contact:

Station Manager
Airport Road
Falkland Islands

Tel: +500 22649


FITV will always aim to deliver the highest standards of broadcasting, however, should you feel that we have not met these standards, we have put in place procedures to allow viewers to complain.

It is acknowledged that viewers may wish to complain about any aspect of our broadcasting including (but not limited to):

  • the content of a specific programme
  • any programme or part of a programme which is considered inaccurate or biased in its reporting

Viewers are requested to make any complaint in writing to FITV, at the address previously shown, within 21 days of the broadcast of the programme they wish to complain about.

FITV will aim to respond to complaints within 14 working days, however, this will depend on the nature of the complaint.

If the viewer is not completely satisfied with the response received from FITV, the viewer may request a further explanation provided the viewer does so with 21 days of receiving the original response.

If the viewer wishes to complain about an advertisement, the viewer should contact the Station Manager at the address previously shown within 21 days of broadcast.