2022 marks important anniversary year for the Falklands

2022 is set to be a momentous year for the Falkland Islands as it marks 40 years since the 1982 conflict.

A program of events for the year ahead has been created to reflect on the sacrifices made 40 years ago.

255 British service personnel and three civilian Falkland Islanders lost their lives during the war.

The Falkland Islands Government Committee for the 40th Anniversary has met regularly over the last 18 months to review the calendar of events and activities.

Events vary between more traditionally sombre memorials, such as Landing Day on the 22nd May, to annual sports events like the Stanley Marathon and New Year’s Day Raft Race.

The key anniversary also presents an opportunity to showcase the modern day Falklands to an international audience, with increased global media coverage and key UK dignitaries expected to visit the Islands throughout the year.

A full list of the range of activities and events planned to celebrate and commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Falkland Islands can be found here.

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