Peat Wetlands survey season begins on the West

Falklands Conservation’s 3 year Peat-wetlands project is now into its second year, with the mission of gathering up data of these important habitats continuing in West Falkland.

It is estimated that about 40% of the Falkland Islands is deep peatlands – which store huge amounts of climate-changing carbon. 

Collecting more scientific research is essential to understand historic damage to these vulnerable areas of land and ultimately provide an idea of how they can be best managed for wildlife and people.

After trailing data-collection methods in Year One, the first surveys of the season were ready to take place in West Falkland, by Conservation’s Peat-Wetlands Officer, David Higgins.

FITV travelled with Conservation to Fox Bay, Long Mountain and the Patricia Luxton Nature Reserve to understand how the project was progressing. 

Falklands Conservation plan to continue to survey across the Falklands until March of next year, before a final survey season and laboratory analysis will commence later in the year. 

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